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Aleksandar Hemon—winner of a MacArthur “Genius” Grant and finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Awared—has earned a reputation as one of the English language’s most original and moving wordsmiths. In The Lazarus Project, Hemon has turned these talents to an embracing novel that intertwines haunting historical atmosphere and detail with sharp and shimmering—sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking—storytelling. On March 2, 1908, 19-year-old Lazarus Averbuch, a Jewish immigrant from Eastern Europe to Chicago, knocked on the front door of the home of George Shippy, the Chicago chief of police. Shippy came to the door and shot Lazarus twice, killing him. Shippy released a statement casting Lazarus as a would-be anarchist assassin and agent of foreign political operatives, leaving Lazarus’s sister, Olga, bereaved and stranded at the center of a city and a country simmering with ethnic and political tensions. In the 21st century, a young writer in Chicago, Brik, also from Eastern Europe, becomes obsessed with Lazarus’ story—what really happened, and why? In order to understand Lazarus Averbuch, Brik and his friend Rora—who overflows with stories of his life as a Sarajevo war photographer—retrace Lazarus’s path backwards across Eastern Europe. Here, you are invited to explore a version of The Lazarus Project presented online in words and photographs. All of the words are from the novel. The contemporary photos are by Velibor Bozovic, a Sarajevo-born photographer who traveled through Eastern Europe with Hemon during the research for the novel. The archival photos are from the Chicago Historical Society. This online project was conceived by Aleksandar Hemon and Velibor Bozovic, developed by Never Rock Fila ( and executed by era//404 ( Site Links: About Aleksandar Hemon, The Lazarus Project Movie, About the Lazarus Project, Reviews of The Lazarus Project, Never Rock Fila, Design and Development by era//404 Creative Group, Inc.